How WiPy user enters WiFi password?

  • Problem:
    For commercial applications using WiPy module (OEM), how would a customer (user) select their home's SSID and WiFi password without the help of a display? Is there a simple and cheap solution?

    FYI: the user should be able to connect to their home network regardless of different security methods (WEP/WPA). All he/she has to do is to choose network and enter password without touching the code.

    Any suggestion?

  • @RobTuDelft
    It's proprietary. I am writing raw HTTP data to TCP socket and then reading and decoding POST data (JSON).

  • I was able to create a minimal HTTP server which can receive data from another machine (mobile/tablet/computer). I haven't created an actual form with WiFi SSID and password yet. But I hope that will help setting up the WLAN for the first time. However, I'm looking for an easier solution for users like WPS (pressing a single button), although I have never done it. Please shout out if anyone actually tried WPS.

  • @danielm I would be very much interested in such a solution myself. Are you using open source components or is it all propietary?

    I reckon you can do something like this on the Wipy.

  • I solved this issue by embedded web server running hosting configuration web page. Other parameters (e.g. LoRa modulation parameters) are configured via this web page as well. There is single submit button which POSTs data to the embedded webserver. The device enters this "configuration" mode with WiFi interface in AP mode when a specific button is pressed during boot.

  • @reefat did you get the solution? I am also looking for the same.

  • I see the following options:

    • use WPS, though I have no idea what that would require on the WiPy or if it could support it
    • set up the WiPy in AP mode by default, somehow add a minimal http server on it, and serve pages allowing selection of the network and input of the key. Users would have to connect to that network first for configuration.
    • create a setup app which would communicate with the WiPy over Bluetooth to select a Wi-Fi network and enter the key. Probably some kind of hybrid smartphone app.
    • same thing over USB, but in that case it would probably be restricted to the desktop.

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