LoRaWAN DR6/DR7 (EU868)

  • Using default EU868 channel allocation with firmware 1.7.8.b1 DR6 uplink is using SF12 / 125kHz. dr_max setting is unknown for these channels, but expected dr_min=0 dr_max=5 an exception would be better in this case than using an unexpected SF/DR.

    Adding the DR6 channel DR6 uplink works as expected:

    lora.add_channel(6, frequency=868300000, dr_min=6, dr_max=6)

    DR7 is not implemented at all. While it is randomly used, it is defined in the LoRaWAN specification, gateways support it as well as the radio modem in the LoPy. Would be good to have in a later firmware release.

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