Instructions for upgrading Pytrack / LoPy

  • @hjl
    Out of curiosity how are you placing a jumper while the LoPy mounted on the Pytrack? Seems really difficult to me, I have had to use test clips to do it.

  • Thanks for your help so far. Seems to have no luck with that either, I have the jumper in the 4th pin on the left side and the 2nd pin on the right (USB conn on top). Should be OK, right?

    0_1501746005618_Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 09.39.39.png

    Unchecking high-speed transfer didn't work either. Do I need to install some additional driver for my mac? I have the newer one with the USB-C ports.

  • @hjl The version returned by os.uname() is that of the LoPy firmware.

    dfu-util upgrades the Pytrack firmware. You can see that version using read_fw_version() in the Pytrack library.

    If you have issues upgrading the LoPy firmware, you can try unchecking the "high-speed transfer". Did you select the right serial port?

    I never managed upgrading with the GUI upgrader on macOS myself. What I do:

    • reboot the board with P23-GND connection

    • check that it's indeed in upgrade mode with: --port /dev/cu.usbmodemPy343431 --after no_reset read_mac
    • download firmware from

    • upgrade with:

      python2.7 /Applications/Pycom\ Firmware\ -s 57600 -t LoPy_868-1.7.8.b1.tar.gz -p /dev/cu.usbmodemPy343431
    • reboot

    Once you are on a firmware version >=1.7.7 you can use FTP to upgrade, it's much easier.

  • Hi jcaron,

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately no luck with both methods. I used the jumper cable correctly but it keeps giving me an error:


    And the dfu-util shows a success, but after using the os.uname() i still see the version coming up.

    Can't see what I am missing.

  • @hjl note that there are two different firmwares:

    • one in the Pytrack (which you upgrade with dfu-util)
    • another one in the LoPy (which you upgrade with the Pycom Firmware Upgrade software)

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