• Did anyone got LoRaWAN ADR working with LoPy?

  • @bmarkus
    Thank you, that is helpful to know.

    Sounding very much like our experience with our RM186 module devices (also LoRaMac-Node based) which is why we turned off ADR and do our own control of the data rates.

  • I tested it on the latest LORIOT platform where ADR works fine with our own devices with RN2483. With LoPy even if initially device was set to DR3 it went to DR0 even next to GW with 8dB or higher S/N. But it was just a short initial try. To get ADR working maybe a bit tricky in general. I will take a closer look what is going on, but debugging requires analysis of the MAC layer.

  • @bmarkus
    Oh ADR, another LoRaWAN can of worms... I think TTN can finally do it properly so I can test it if no one else has.

    Gives me an excuse to try out my new lab toy, a programmable RF attenuator.

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