Programming/test jigs for W01 and G01

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    I will soon be wanting some programming/test jigs for these two chips. Anyone have any tips for doing this well? Is someone already selling them? Would someone be interested in crafting some for a reasonable price?

  • @BetterAuto
    Fair enough. I can't add anything to this other than being mindful of power and also providing a dummy load for the antenna.
    We elected to have programming pins on the pcb we can use - though it means the W01 must be soldered in first of course.
    I would be interested in hearing how it works for you. Sounds interesting.
    Kind regards - Richard

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    @RichardTXD Program and test as part of assembly. I'm doing my breadboarding with the WiPy 2.0.

    I think what I will do is use some small pitch spring contacts mounted in a 3D printed jig with walls to keep it centered. Print some screw bosses for a pair of small arms that can be levered over the top to hold it down. That should provide positive contact while being programmed.

  • Hi, what is your intention please?
    Do you just want to test and program the modules before mounting them on an end-product or something like that?
    Or, is it like me (I've got W01), you want to breadboard and develop your application before committing to a full circuit?
    There is a reference design board available from Pycom. I presume this doesn't suit your need.
    Kind regards - Richard

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