Pymakr 1.0.0.b6 is out

  • Hi everyone,

    A new release of Pymakr is out. Pymakr 1.0.0.b6 includes the following changes:

    • Fixed the sync feature in combination with latest LoPy and WiPy 2.0 firmware.
    • Small layout fixes.
    • Preventing multiple errors in the update plugin.
    • Added Project configuration screen to the expert version for setting default project directory.
    • Fixed a bug where REPL threw an error when using backspace and arrows combination.
    • Added some aid in the device preferences page.

    We're working hard to take into account all the feedback we get, specially bug reports. Please stay tune for next updates. In the meantime, all new ideas and bug reports are more than welcomed in this thread.

  • It is ok now, thank you.

  • @Frida, you are totally right. I made a mistake uploading the file to the server. It should be fixed now. Try to download again (file has the same name).

  • @Frida, thanks for your feedback... let me check the downloads server.

  • I have downloaded pymakr_1.0.0.b6-1_all.deb, and installed,
    but the version is still 1.0.0.b5, and pymakr-Update available still says

    Pymakr version 1.0.0.b6 is now available at Would you like to get it?

    On my Linux Mint18

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