LoRaWAN gateway using Lopy and SX1276 node

  • Hello all, I'm new in this forum and a newbie using Lopy.

    I've recently started my programming using the board! I'm very excited :).
    My plan using the LoPy is to use it as a LoRaWAN gateway from the Nano gateway code. But I have a particular question related to the node (endpoint) code and LoRa transceiver module.

    My plan is to connect, and use SX1276 transceivers as the LoRa modules for the nodes. Is this possible? I have this question because the LoRa IC of the Lopy is SX1272....

    If anyone have already done this, could you share the node code do send to the gateway?




  • @eron93br
    The SX1272 and SX1276 have no problems communicating, as long as you set the same modulation it's OK.

    But your request for node code is difficult, the SX1276 is just a radio transceiver it doesn't run any code, to use it you need to connect it to a host processor (can be a microcontroller, a SoC like the Raspberry Pi or even a computer via USB). All of these will have different code.

    For example if you host is an Arduino and since you mentioned LoRaWAN something like Arduino-LMIC would be suitable for a node. You can even use the ttn ABP example just remove the LMIC_setupChannel() lines to match your LoPy nano gateway setup (so have only ONE LMIC_setupChannel line with the same frequency you set on the LoPy)

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