No activity on Pycom Console in Visual Studio Code - Windows

  • Hello,

    I can confirm that I have usb serial connection to the SiPy board through an FTDI driver. If I use a simple terminal like tera term then I can send commands and get responses.
    I installed the Pymakr plugin and hoped to start using the visual studio code IDE to start testing my code.
    I have followed the instructions and updated the Global Settings and Project Settings to connect to the com port but there is no activity on the Pycom Console terminal.
    The drivers for FTDI do exist as it works using a terminal application.
    Can someone please confirm that the Pymakr plugin works with serial usb.


  • I got this to work on a different pc with windows 10, 32 bit installer of the the visual studio code (even though windows 10 install is a 64 bit install). 64 bit install of the visual studio code didnt work with the pymakr plugin for me.

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