[SOLVED] Sipy shows under Sigfox France when registered for New Zealand

  • Hello why did this choose Sigfox France when I chose Thinxtra New Zealand as the network provider. Is this why the sigfox messages are not being received by the platform? I have good network coverage as other sigfox devices from my office.

  • I finally got it to work, had to position the helical antenna upright, lying flat it wasnt able to send the message out.

  • I took this up with Thinxtra and they have confimed that it is an issue with grouping on the backend but that doesn't affect the messages being sent. So why cant I send a sigfox message successfully?
    I am using the sigfox antenna that was provided in the xKit available on the Thinxtra website which is for our region and it allow that kit to send the messages reliably. Do I have a faulty pycom board?

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