How to detect hang reason of the WiPy 2.0?

  • How to detect hang reason of the WiPy 2.0?

    I blink of 3 leds in the loop
    but after some (quite long) time it hang and possibly restart self without go into code again (it stop blink my led only internal rgb led blink every fev seconds blue).

    this are my last ticks output on com port i output diagnostic information every 10 seconds:

    it is not releated to uart output - because i hang without it.
    I add this output because it hang.

    How to detect the reason of hang (it is not releated to code itself)
    i do in loop something like this:

    while True:
    	if tick-last_change>interval:
    		led_state = not led_state
    		last_change = tick

    really simple code. Same for other 2 leds and for internal led
    pycom.heartbeat(led_rgb_state) instead led(led_state)

    i do all on latest firmware and expansion board

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