LoPy LoRa runs on PC USB but not USB Powerbank

  • Hi

    I run the following code: https://github.com/roadfox/lorawan-weather-station on a LoPy mounted on the Pycom Expansion Board.
    Whe the Expansion Board is connected to a PC the code run's and Data is transmited to TheThingsNetwork.
    As soon as i power the Expansion Board from a USB Powerbank there is no transmission to TheThingsNetwork anymore.
    If i switch back to PC USB everithing is working again.

    The LED on the LoPy blinks in both version as the software would run correct and transmit lora packets.

    Any idea what could be wrong? How can i access console/debug output without USB connection from PC?

  • You could connect by telnet, after configuring the WiFi of your WiPy as access point (AP) or station (STA).

  • @roadfox
    probably your powerbank is not designed for low current supply and is turned off after few seconds.
    For debug you can use second UART

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