Wipy 3.0

  • Thought I would place my wish list, coming from a maker perspective and considering the competition in this space, hopefully to stimulate some discussion:

    1. Lower price, sub 10 euro
    2. USB built in, so no need for an expansion board for loading
    3. Drop the bluetooth if this reduces price, can't imagine every using it
    4. Some means to connect a camera


  • For WiPy 3.0 my wish is it can be smaller. Go for 1.27mm pin pitch and use a breadboard adapter if you have to.

    In my dreams the OEM module would be a SOIC-28 or similar package and the the Development Kit would simply be a board with a socket for it.

  • @robmarkcole Just get a Wemos Lolin32 for 6-7 USD for a low, USB support and LiPo charger. You can install the WiPy firmware on it. The camera support is with ESP32 and Python a bandwidth problem, no matter which board vendor you choose. But, something to mention and already foreseen for the next WiPy is MORE RAM and good integration of it.

  • @robmarkcole
    Price is low but of course can be lower ;-) But this i suppose is not nonprofit org ;-)
    But you can buy wipy OEM modules in price lower then 10euro already :)
    Impossible - it is integrated inside ESP32.
    will be good to see some "standard" implementation on pycom web page
    also "standard" displays LCD,TFT,OLED..
    But many things can be "simply" migrated from Arduino but this take time
    and example will be really better

    my 5.
    Will be good to see Wipy3 which do not need deepsleep board :)

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