pymakr plugin with multiple devices

  • Using the pymakr plugin for Atom here, on Linux. Have just got my second lopy and have been trying to figure out a convenient workflow that lets me hack on different projects for both devices concurrently.

    I'm trying to figure out how the content of pymakr.conf in those two projects can help me out, as obviously its not appropriate to constantly edit the global settings for the plugin to modify the device address info.

    As it happens, I connect to one device via IP, and the other via USB UART console. I have set the device addresses in their project's respective pymakr.conf files accordingly, but nothing seems to respect that configuration. What is it actually for?

    With respect to the global settings, the name certainly matches the behavior, but it is very clunky to keep editing them and using this approach does present a high risk of inadvertently programming the wrong device.

    Has anyone got any tips for me, please?

  • No solution either, but am interested too in this kind of development setup.


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