IP67 Case for Pysense/Pytrack

  • I want to put a LoPy on a PyTrack expansion board in the small IP67 Case for Pysense/Pytrack sold at https://www.pycom.io/product/ip67-case/

    Have a couple of questions about this setup

    1. Where does the LiPo battery go? Is there room under the board? What is the largest battery that you can fit there?

    2. Seems to be pretty tight with the usb port. Do you need to take the PyTrack out of the case every time you want to charge (usb) or reprogram/python cli (usb).

    3. Is there an antenne (868MHz) that will fit in the case? Or du you need to punch a hole in the lid to put in the standard LoPy antenna?

    4. Is it best to put the antenna on top of the lid or on the side ?

  • I bought the PyTrack and the small IP67 Case and I have made a few observations.

    1. With a LoPy and that deepsleep shield there is not a lot of room for anything in the case especially if you want to avoid covering the ceramic GPS antenna on the board.

    2. It is a good idea to have a battery holder or make a female -> male powercord to change batteries.

    3. I need to remove the pytrack to change the battery and to access the usb.

    4. It is going to pretty tight if you want to have an internal antenna and a battery of some size.

    I have ordered a shorter antenna to put on the outside of the casing, let you know how it goes.

  • I actually have the same questions. Specifically is there is an internal antenna available.
    If not, maybe just an insulated wire of a specific length will can be used?

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