Where are the schematics of the expansion boards?

  • I looked around but cannot find any of the schematics of the Pysense and Pytrack boards. I have an old schematic of the WiPy expansion board 1.2.2 but I would like to see how the interconnections are on the Pysense and Pytrack to better understand what the drivers are doing, if I want to patch the hardware to see where I can do this, etc.


  • @jcaron

    The pysense and pytrack are nice samples of how to use the xxPy modules.

    IMHO It would benefit pycom if they publish the schematics. It will serve as inspiration for new pycom based products. Now it is a source of frustration and wasted hours of figuring out how it is all interconnected.

    Also the datasheets are far from complete. We have a low power device that can be put in deep sleep (uA) but on the other hand (some versions) need a power supply of over 500mA. Documentation needs some care.

    It looks like they are growing (to) fast as a company with (to) many products to support at this moment. I'm a bit reluctant to put the modules in a real product at this moment. Are there pycom oem module based products on the market yet?

  • @rolandvs I don't think those schematics have been published, and I'm not sure if they will be.

    You can find the pinout of the boards in the docs, but be aware that they're at best incomplete, and in some cases quite wrong.

    See the thread here: https://forum.pycom.io/topic/1673/pysense-pinout for what @this-wiederkehr and myself have found out about the connections between the PIC, the headers for the module and the external I/O header.

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