LoPy - Bluetooth and Beacons

  • Hi, have anyone tried connecting the bluetooth to a beacon or just scanned bluetooth nearby? I've search for the Bluetooth library but had no luck


  • @Ralph As far as needs to help guide... I need to scrape information from sensors' BLE advertisements and forward them over LoRaWAN to be parsed by the Things Network. Students have been using bluepy on an RasPi3 for the scraping portion, so a similar API would be nice (a whole fourish days away).

  • [0_1481536317048_main.py](Uploading 100%)

    Attaching the python file which is working for reading the iBeacon from Raspberry Pi using bluez library.

    Did anyone succeed making one for micro python?

    Posting in advance so that we could have something available to experiment with Dec 16th firmware for BLE stack.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Satish Kumar. R.

  • Hi @fcabrera,

    Thanks for the question, the short answer is that we are working on the bluetooth library at the moment and it will be available soon. Abilio answered the same question nicely in this post. More info on the subject can be found in the weekly update

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