atom, pymakr and linter-pylint

  • After a few too many run-time syntax errors, I decided to have a play with the linter-pylint plugin for atom.

    It works, but it does moan mostly about imports that it can't find. Does anyone have any tips to help me resolve the missing imports on my Linux dev box?

  • I have found this project on github that aims to resolve this kind of issue.
    I wonder if Pycom might contribute to it, to enable pukka linting of code in Atom/Pymakr.

  • Having shared my code with a friend who has recently bought a bunch of LoPy4's, he is now experiencing the joys of runtime syntax errors as he learns about micropython development.
    I wonder if anyone has further explored the idea of using a linter in Atom and found one that is less spammy than linter-pylint in terms of false positives for micropython imports?

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