PySense & PyTrack incompatibilities?

  • I'm trying to make sense from the "documentation" of the PyTrack and PySense module. It seems there are a lot of "errors" in the documentation. Again and again I see differences that are probably errors, but where to verify?

    The labelling of the 10-pin connector on both the PySense and PyTrack are in error. But how should it read? Even the used labels cannot be found on the documentation. See for yourself:

    External IO Header
            PyTrack       PySense
    PIN3    3V3_PyModule  3V3_Sensors
    PIN4    3V3_Sensors   3V3_Pymodule
    PIN5    P2/PIC_RC0    EXT_IO0 (RGB_LED) a.k.a. P2 
    PIN6    P9/PIC_RC1    EXT_IO1 (P9)
    PIN7    P10           EXT_IO2 (P10)
    PIN8    P11           EXT_IO3 (P11)
    PIN9    P4            EXT_IO4 -> connected to PIC?
    PIN10   P8            EXT_IO5 -> connected to PIC? 

    So what is correct and who is who? Really...

  • @jcaron

    I made another round in the documentation. It would be "nice" if Pycom would REMOVE outdated information or have links directed to one place with the latest documentation. Indeed when searching again:

    So PLEASE Pycom get old documentation from your official website!
    And release the schematics of the PyTrack and PySense and the mystery around the PIC chip. After all I think your business is the selling of the modules, not the accessories that show how they can be used?!

  • @rolandvs on which page did you get that? The pinout you have for the Pysense is from the old documentation (which was indeed really really wrong).

    The latest version should have the correct pinout, which is the one you show for the Pytrack.

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