Shell not working on Pmakr b6

  • Hi there - I have upgraded to the b6 version of Pymakr and now no longer have access to the Shell (?). Has anyone else had this issue?


    It is visible but I cannot click and enter into the window.

  • @KDHeard, good! Not sure what went wrong then. Looking at the code, I do get why Task-Viewer tab got the wrong name (which I will solve), but I don't know why Pymakr couldn't reach the Shell.
    Glad it's working again though.

  • Okay ... problem sorted with a complete re-install of Python and Pymakr - not sure what the issue was but it is now resolved and I can access the Shell again !!!

  • @Ralph I upgraded from b5 which gave me no hassles. I was hoping I still had a copy that I could revert to - but alas, I don't.

  • @Ralph Windows 7

  • Hi @KDHeard, What OS are you using?

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