wipy2.0 board freezing after reset/WLAN.connect

  • I have a wipy2.0 board which worked well until now. However after a week or so of having it unplugged, I started using it again and it freezes (serial port unresponsive) in the following circumstances:

    If left for a little while without input after reboot.
    Typing in a few commands immediately seems to stop it - or at least within any time frame I have been able to observe. However, doing a WLAN.connect then freezes the board.

    I have tried reflashing a number of times, to no avail. The board is plugged into the expansion board, and when it worked previously, I also had an SD card plugged into the same board. This has since been unplugged (but in any case wasn't used by any of the code I've ever loaded on the board - and the fact that I reflashed the board several times should have got rid of any vestigal code anyway).

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