Any way to get RSSI of existing connection without scan?

  • Is there any way of getting the RSSI of the connected router? I know its returned in a scan but I've found that starting a scan can often cause my WiPy 2.0 to hang indefinitely until power cycled. It would be nice if there was a WLAN.rssi() function or if it was returned with the ssid in WLAN.ssid().

  • @mfallavol I would like a way to do this also, as well as see signal strength of all available carriers before connecting. Currently I'm just doing LTE.disconnect(), then sending AT+CSQ to the modem, and reconnecting. In newer firmwares I could use LTE.pppsuspend() and LTE.pppresume(). A better method would be great to have.

    EDIT: I just reread your post and you're talking about WiFi, but the same applies for LTE, which is my application.

  • Exactly the same question... I have a sensor and want it to publish the Wifi RSSI along with other measurement data. How do I read it (except for using the scan)?


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