Cannot set Monospaced font in pymakr

  • Hello all. I can select a monospaced font in the pymakr preferences, but that has no effect. The editor window still uses a proportional font. Do I miss something?

    pymakr version 1.0.0.b6

  • @robert-hh The next release for Pymakr will have a fix that enables you to edit the font again using the pymakr preferences. I'll notify you in this topic when we release it.

  • Two was to set monospaced font:

    1. go to the directory ~/.config/Pycom and open the file pymakr.ini with the favorite editor of your choice. Then replace all occurences ot "Roboto mono" with the monospaced font of your choice. Save the file, and there you are
    2. Or install the font roboto mono (e.g. here

  • Hi,

    Same problem here. I would love to have a monospaced look. The proportional font feels weird.

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