Loppy integration with LG01-P LoRa Gateway

  • Hi, does any of you have any experience integrating Lopy nodes with this Dragino LG01-P LoRa Gateway? I've seen it can be also used as a single-channel LoraWAN gateway with TTN LoRaWAN IoT Server. thanks

  • @modialiasger For anyone to be able to help you, you'll have to provide a lot more details:

    • what version of the firmware are your running?
    • do you have an antenna hooked up to the LoPy? Is is connected to the right port?
    • what code are you using to connect?
    • what is the configuration of your gateway?
    • is the device correctly recorded in the TTN backend?
    • are you performing an OTAA or an ABP join?
    • what happens? Do you have any errors? If so, which?
    • is there anything showing up in the gateway's or TTN logs? If so, what?

  • Hello @Devang-Sharma ,
    I got my hands on pycom lopy and the expansion board 3.0.
    I have already worked with dragino LG-01 and Dragino products, integrated to TTN.
    I am currently trying to connect LoPy to the same, but unfortunately, out of luck till now.
    Can you help me with the same.

  • Hey @fbt!

    I've successfully connected LoPy node to TTN LoRaWAN IoT Server using Dragino LG01 Single-Channel Gateway. I used EU868 Band.

    What is your current status on this?

    Let me know if I can help you regarding this.

    Thank You,
    Devang Sharma

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