LoPy connect to sever, after receive data, send out using LoRa

  • I set connect to my Lab WiFi in boot.py
    It work as a client to my computer server.
    It can send and receive data using TCP.
    Now i want to send a data using LoRa after i receive the reply from server.

    from network import LoRa
    import socket
    import time

    addr_info = socket.getaddrinfo("", 1234)
    addr = addr_info[0][-1]

    ss = socket.socket()

    lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORA, frequency=912000000)
    s = socket.socket(socket.AF_LORA, socket.SOCK_RAW)
    while True:
    ss.send("Hello server")
    data = ss.recv(1024)
    if ss.recv(1024) == True:
    dataa = s.recv(64)

    Is it that LoPy only support one socket? what wrong with my code.
    It only work one time with my server and did not send any data using LoRa to my other LoPy.
    Thanks for reply!


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