Is the bluetooth broadcast data really 31 bytes?

  • I can't find where this is documented in the Bluetooth profile specs. The reason I ask is that using the resolve_adv_data() function, the long name from via the ADV_NAME_CMPL constant is incomplete when compared with the broadcasts I receive on my phone, e.g.

    data = 0x020106020a0011069ecadc240ee5a9e093f3a3b50100406e0c09426c756566.
    long name = BluefL�@? (0x426c756566) followed by some garbage.
    name captured by phone = Bluefruit52 (0x426c756566727569743532).

    It looks like the data should be more than 31 bytes.

  • @alidaf
    Nope that's not supported and unlikely to be in the near future.

    If you need more than 31 bytes I recommend establishing a BLE connection and transferring data through characteristics..

  • I've found some info that suggests it is possible for the scanner to request up to another 31 bytes of information if the advertising mode allows this. The question is therefore, is there a function to do this?

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