How stable does the wipy2.0 run?

  • Please can somebody tell me from experience how stable the wipy2.0 runs.For my project need a wifi connection as station to send push notifications to pushover or pushbullet.The wifi connection does not need to be always up.I will poll 5 Inputs(digital) for status change,say every 10s.If change happens I establish a wlan connection and send the push message.
    Is it possible to build this with wipy2.0-stability matters!

  • @livius Hi,thanks for your reply.My scenario is about the same as yours.The wipy2.0 is a sensornode in the pumstation an monitors a few digital inputs(gpio).in case of an error(digital in changes status) the wipy has to make a connection to the pushover server in the cloud to send the error message.
    I'm glad to hear that long stable uptimes are possible!

  • @overlander
    For me wipy2.0 is stable but i use it in different scenario.
    It is connected to server and send data from sensors. But you talking about reverse connection. You connect to it and do something.

    Of course direction can be changed in your scenario also if you see some instability :)
    Node can connect to server and server send commands to node ;-)

    I have one node worked continously 2 months.

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