Arduino firmware on WiPy

  • Hello,

    I want to ask if it's possible to burn esp32-arduino firmware on wipy instead of pycom firmware. I think it's possible but I have doubts probably with wifi antenna switching.

    At the moment I have better stable software with arduino than micropython and I want to use PyTrack too with arduino env, I feel that PyTrack is still in early stage on the firmware side and that's the reason for using WiPy + PyTrack with arduino at the moment.

    Best regards

  • Hi @river, this is a interesting idea, maybe, Did you get to burn esp32-arduino firmware?

  • @river That should be possible, since you anytime can rebuild the device software after erasing flash. The antenna switch is connected to GPIO16. Set that to output mode and use 0 for internal and 1 for external antenna.

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