FCC, CE and RCM certification reports

  • I'm looking for the various certification test reports for the Pycom devices.

    I've found the FCC certification reports here: https://fccid.io/2AJMT

    Where can I find the CE and RCM (Australian) certification test reports?
    I can't find links to any of them in the docs.


  • Hi,

    For our testing reports, we used something similar to this:

    from network import LoRa
    import socket
    import machine
    import time
    # initialise LoRa in LORA mode
    # Please pick the region that matches where you are using the device:
    # Asia = LoRa.AS923
    # Australia = LoRa.AU915
    # Europe = LoRa.EU868
    # United States = LoRa.US915
    # more params can also be given, like frequency, tx power and spreading factor
    lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORA, region=LoRa.EU868)
    # create a raw LoRa socket
    s = socket.socket(socket.AF_LORA, socket.SOCK_RAW)
    while True:
        # send some data
        print("send packet")

    This puts the module in continuous transmission mode using the most simple modulation format. There is no hardware routine in the LoRa radio that supports the CW mode.

  • @daniel Is it possible to obtain lora module tester software? We have plans to certify our product containing pycom chip but we would need the tester software.

  • @daniel @administrators Could you please send me FCC 15.247 test reports? Where can I find the CE and RCM (Australian) certification test reports?

    Thanks & Regards,

  • @scott sure, will do.

  • @daniel Could you please send me the RCM & CE certificates for the WiPy and LoPy dev boards?

    I'll follow up about the OEM certs when they are in too.


  • Hi Scott,

    The certificates that you are currently seeing are for the developer modules (LoPy, SiPy and WiPy). The certificates for the OEM modules (L01 and W01) should be available next week ( including for RCM, CE and IC). If you need the CE certificate of the developer modules we can provide them now via email. Which one do you need?


  • Has anyone here successfully certified a product containing a Pycom chip?

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