Provide internet to LoPy from Raspberry Pi or Particle Electron

  • Is there any other way to provide internet access to LoPy apart from WiFi and Bluetooth? I'm using LoPy as a nano-gateway and having some WiFi interference issues, so I'm thinking of using a Raspberry Pi (RPi, henceforth). RPi will connect to the internet using LAN cable and will provide internet to LoPy using its GPIO pins.

    Alternatively, I can also use Electron or some GSM shield. Is this possible?

  • @crumble Thanks for this insightful reply.

    WiFi is out of question in any form. Your other suggestions are really interesting. Could you explain the second suggestion, using UART, in a bit more detail?

    • You can configure your Pi as an access point and connect to LoPy to the Pi's WiFi.
    • Both have an UART (serial interface). You can connect them, so that
      • your LoPy has access to a terminal on the Pi
      • a small service on the Pi reads/sends data from/to the Pi
      • you can also write a small program which tunnels tcp/ip through the serial. But this will use a lot of resources on the LoPy.

    You don't need a Pi. There are a lot of RS232 to Ethernet interfaces on the market.
    If you use the Pi as an AP you can use the whole command set of the LoPy. Using the UART will need less power and will be more stable than WiFi.

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