New firmware release version v1.9.1.b1

  • A new firmware release is out. The version is v1.9.1.b1. We are still busy working on the release 2.0.0 that will bring full dual core support and also will enabled the usage of the 4MByte of external RAM.

    The Github sources have been updated as well with the changes from this release.

    Besides minor stability improvements, the major highlight from this release is the completion of the LoRaWAN NVRAM feature which was missing the channel info and the ADR counters before.

    The change log:

    • esp32: Fix an SSL / TLS non-blocking socket problem. Thanks to @peterson79 for this contribution!
    • esp32: Remove all usages of unnamed unions.
    • esp32: Make sure that the LoRaWAN Tx done event is always triggered after the Rx complete event.
    • esp32: Add fileno method to the socket class.
    • esp32: Also store the channels, the channel mask and the ADR counters in the LoRa NVRAM.
    • esp32: Cast os.getfree() value to uint64_t to report correct sizes > 2GB. Thanks to @robert-hh for this!

    As usual this new firmware can be applied using our firmware update tool:


  • @redimo it's fixed already ;-)

  • @daniel I'd be happy if you could take care of that quickly. We just wanted to update it to make some tests, and now we're sitting here and waiting. We can run it manually, but an update would be beneficial.

  • @daniel Thanks. For me there is no need to rush.

  • @robert-hh thanks for reporting this issue. I know what the problem is. We’ll fix it and realesse another update within a couple of hours.

  • @daniel Hello Daniel, thanks for the update. There is just a little problem:
    The new version does not execute and any more on boot. It seems that th evariable safeboot is always considered as True. As test, I have set safeboot to 0 at line 227 in mptask.c. Then both scripts are executed. I tested with two devices (WiPy and LoPy), and also erased flash for a clean initial state.

    Edit 1: That is a little bit strange, since safeboot is set in ftp/updater.c, and according to git both mptask.c and ftp/updater.c have not been touched since version 1.7.7., but this new glitch occurs with 1.9.1
    Edit 2: The same happens if the image is installed using the pycom updater. (b.t.w.: There is a typo in a message during image download: "retriving" instead of "retrieving")

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