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    Im trying to update fw (have 0.9.0b) but things dont go so good.
    Cant run pymakr (Debian pyqt4/5 issue). Transfering file over FTP doesnt work,
    And Im not sure how to connect serial cable (USB -to-serial) to the LoPy.
    I tried with connecting pin 2 (RX)of male db9 to P1 (TX)and pin 3(TX) to P0 (RX). Do i have to connect some other ports? Putting resistors somewhere? When trying to use screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 or 9600 it just hangs.


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    Tnx for reply.
    DB9 is on this USB -> Serial converter. I'll try to get USB -> UART cable. That is most obvious reason why it doesnt work.

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    You mentioned a DB9 cable... DB9 is usually used for RS232 which uses -12V/12V line voltages. You need either an RS232 <-> UART or USB <-> UART converter. You will damage your module if you connect it to 12V!

    If you indeed have a 3.3V UART adapter then you need to connect TXD to P0, RXI to P1, GND to GND and VCC to 3.3V. It might be that your UART module doesn't provide enough current on VCC to power the WiPy2/LoPy then you need an additional power supply.

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