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  • Hello everyone,

    First let me introduce my project: I'm using 2 Lopy, one Lopy reads the data from 2 sensors (BME280 - temperature, humidity and pressure, BH1750 - luminosity) and sends this values via LoRa to the other Lopy.

    I have an Arduino UNO with a LCD shield attached to it and I would like to use it show the values sent from the Lopy 1(the one with the sensors) to the other Lopy.

    1. Is it possible to use a wire to connect the Lopy to the Arduino?
    2. Do I need some kind of bi-directional logic level converter?

    Im looking for the simplest solution. I thought of using a wire to connect the Lopy and Arduino but I'm afraid of damaging the Lopy since the Arduino uses 5V and the Lopy uses 3.3V.

    Any kind of help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @helalbr You can use a serial connection via UART in combination, to be safe, with level shifters, which are widely available, e.g. from adafruit.
    Since you only need to send from the Lopy to the Arduino, only the connections TX(Lopy) to RX(Arduino) and GND to GND are required.

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