What is ADC 2 there for on the pin out?

  • I was looking at the WiPy 2.0 pin out, and on the right half side, you have ADC1_0 (till 7) and on the left hand side you have ADC2. However, I cannot access the ADC 2 pins using this command "apin = adc.channel(pin='P20')", as it is an unavailable resource. I can only access pins linked to ADC1. My question is, what is ADC2 there for?

    Thank you!!

  • @panos29
    P20 is an ADC1 pin, are you sure you can't use it?

    As for the ADC2 that is not currently supported in the Python side because it it's a bit of an oddball: due to hardware/firmware limitations you can't use WiFi and ADC2 at the same time. For now to use it you'd have to program in C and have WiFi off.

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