bytearray, type and format confusion

  • Hello, I could really use a hint here as to understand the type bytearray which I'm using for sending to a java socket on an rpi.

    In REPL console I typed this:

    data = bytearray()
    print(data, encoding='utf8')

    What format is this? How come that the int 40000 is shown as '@' ?? It's not hexadecimal and it's not a byte (0-255), but obviously there's something I don't get..

  • @soren Add ``` alone on the lines before and after your code, or prefix them all with 4 spaces to have them formatted as code.

    40000 % 256 (or 40000 & 255, i.e. keeping the 8 least significant bits) = 64, which is the code point for @.

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