Important Manufacturing Update

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    Dear all,

    I wanted to give you some great news which we announced today on Kickstarter.

    Manufacturing of the FiPy started at 8am Shenzhen time, overseen by Daniel and it pleases me no end to confirm that all tests were passed successfully!! The mass production of all our cellular range will continue throughout the next couple of weeks to include every variant of our LTE-M range (FiPy, GPy and G01 OEM modules).


    We are now busy implementing the logistics plans set-out for both Kickstarter and pre-order customers so expect to see products arriving in your mail box over the next 2 to 3 weeks.


    This marks the end of a very lengthy and very challenging R&D for Pycom. Where we do not succeed at first, we persevere and persevere and persevere until we get it right! That’s the Pycom DNA. At this point I want to thank our entire community for the tremendous support AND PATIENCE! Yep, we know the frustration you have all experienced having to wait for this module but the wait is now at the end and the end-result will absolutely be worth those additional months. THANK YOU.

    A big congrats to Daniel and our amazing dev. These guys have put in the additional hours day in day out to make our stuff a reality. Finally, a big thanks to our technology partners Sequans whom spared no resources in the final 3 months to support our engineering efforts both in Europe and Asia.

    So what next? In brief:
    • Verizon CAT-M1 certification expected to be complete before end November.
    • Vodafone NB1 certification to start in the next few weeks.
    • Watch-out for a completely refreshed Pybytes middleware platform arriving in the next couple of months. A brand new team in place with brand new results 
    • Don’t forget: Our dev boards (incl FiPy) include 2 years Sigfox connectivity
    • New sensor shield to be announced in the next couple of weeks
    • Pycom LTE-M connectivity? You bet! It was always on the agenda and will be announced Q1 2018.

    Best wishes

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