What's the Best Development Environment for pymakr + LoPy?

  • Hi Guys,

    Question for the people who are having a really good out-of-box experience with using pymakr + LoPy - what hardware/OS/versions are you using as I'd like to switch to that... ;)

    So far I've been experimenting with using pymakr on macOS 10.12.1 on a MacBook Pro and I've come to the conclusion that probably this combination is almost certainly NOT what the Pycom developers are using as it's so unstable - particularly the USB connection. I find it kinda works for a little while and then won't reconnect the console over USB again until I connect to a different USB port or reboot the mac when I've tried all of them. I've upgraded the FTDI Driver to the latest from FTDI but no difference. It must be a python on macOS thing I guess.

    I realise this is still in beta and the Prycom guys are working flat-out on this and will no doubt get things sorted soon, so rather than complain I simply want to ask what hardware/software/versions are other people using that gives them the best pymakr + LoPy experience, as I'll just use that until pymakr on macOS is awesome?

    I'm wondering about installing an Ubuntu Desktop VM on VMWare Fusion on my MacBook Pro and giving that a try or perhaps just try using Windows 7 in VMWare as I already have that VM.

    Perhaps the current problems are deeper than what a VM can fix and I have to run Windows or Ubuntu native on the PC hardware. If anyone has experience about this and can comment - it might save me some time...


    Alex Shepherd

  • Ubuntu 16.04 works really well. I suspect that is what the developers are using. I would also find an old piece of hardware to run it on instead of a VM.

    I have tried PyMakr but it just seems to get in the way.

    picocom to connect to the serial port to test run commands. Filezilla to upload files and the standard text editor.

    Cheers from the Hawkes Bay.

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