Connection already closed (WiPy)

  • I have tried to connect with Ti Sensor with simple Ble connection code. On connection, it shows <GATTConnection> and shows an error as "OSError: Connection already closed"
    Then I check my firmware version, Version '1.6.7.b1'

    This is my code

    bluetooth = Bluetooth()
    while bluetooth.isscanning():
    adv = bluetooth.get_adv()
    if adv:
    if (binascii.hexlify(adv.mac).decode() == '78a50454b267'): #this is my Ti sensor mac
    conn = bluetooth.connect(adv.mac)
    for service in
    if type(service.uuid()) == bytes:
    print('Reading chars from service = {}'.format(sercice.uuid))

    Got an error as :
    <<"OSError: Connection already closed">>

  • I am using Pysense board.
    Does firmware update process is same for both Pysense board and for pycom board..?

  • @jmahesh said in Connection already closed (WiPy):

    Version '1.6.7.b1'

    it is really old version.
    Try newest and if there is a problem then report it.

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