Ambient Light Sensor

  • The documentation for the light sensor says the function "returns a tuple with two values for light levels in lux". What data type are the values?
    It also says "See the datasheet for more information about the wavelengths of the two sensors." I've looked in the PySense spec sheet and the LTR329ALS spec sheet and can't find it.
    There's also no explanation of what the function parameters do, particularly integration and rate. I guess the integration parameter specifies giving an integrated value over a specified time period, perhaps in ms, but it is just a guess. I have no idea what the rate parameter could be for.
    Is there another information sheet anywhere that I've missed or could someone please fill in the blanks?
    Also, why are there 2 sensors? Are they oriented differently or tuned for different wavelengths?

  • @seb Ah, yes. I have the datasheet but I was searching through all of the text and missed the graphs. Wood vs.Trees!

    That all makes sense. many thanks.

  • You can find the datasheet for this sensor here: DS_ver1.1-348647.pdf

    You can see in this data sheet, a graph of the two sensors response to light wavelength. The reason there are two is because they are sensitive to different wavelengths of light. As for parameters like integration and rate, these refer directly to settings in the devices registers. I recommend reading the register descriptions in the datasheet to get a better idea of how it works.

    If you still need help after this then please let us know.

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