Can LoPy4/L04 support LoRaWAN and SigFox with the same firmware?

  • Will it be possible to switch between LoRaWAN and SigFox without changing the firmware? In other words, assuming the necessary antenna is attached, can a LoPy4 or L04 be switched between the two networks during deployment? The use-case is simply that the vendor of the L04-based device won't necessarily know in advance which network has coverage, and doing a field firmware upgrade may be beyond the limits of what the end-user can be expected to do. Whereas, during provisioning, the end-user could determine (via the provision app, for example) which network(s) were available and choose one, their choice being communicated to the L04 as part of its configuration data, allowing it to select the network.

    Better yet, can the L04 connect to both networks simultaneously?

  • @eric24
    That is the plan, although it might not come on the first firmware releases.

    Since LoRa/LoRaWAN (Class A) or Sigfox don't really have a "connection", they just send uplinks or wait to receive for very well determined periods it should certainly be possible to send for example one packet over LoRa and switch to Sigfox for the next one and so on.

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