Links for code samples about sensors with WiPy2.0

  • I need to know if there are some working code for WiPy2.0
    for any "sensors". I know it is starting project but maybe somwhere are.
    I am interested in sensors like:

    • temperature:
      * ds18b20
      * DHT11 and DHT22

    • display:
      LCD 16x2 (HD44780)

    • distance

    any other...

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    @livius said in Links for code samples about sensors with WiPy2.0:

    LCD 16x2 (HD44780)

    I'm using a PCF8591 I2C extender with a HD44780 compatible display. You can find several code examples and libraries for micropython on github that require minimal changes.


    This one requires Timer support to be implemented first (hopefully in tomorrow's firmware release).

    Never used the DHT* sensors so not sure about their communication protocol.

  • We are working on finishing an example project with a PIR sensor, expect this soon on the forum. I hope that will help you to get started implementing your own sensors.

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