WiPy 3.0 - deep-sleep GPIOs/ADC?

  • Testing WiPy 3.0 here and trying to get an interrupt handler working while in deep-sleep as per:

    "– An extra ULP-coprocessor that can monitor GPIOs, the ADC channels and
    control most of the internal peripherls during deep-sleep mode while only
    consuming 25uA"

    Having no success yet, is there any trick to it I may be missing?
    Interrupt handler works just fine as long as the WiPy is not in deep-sleep.


  • @jmarcelino Ok that makes sense. ADC threshold sounds great, as does a simple GPIO-based pulse counter in case you're looking for ideas :)

  • @mbevilacqua
    The ULP is a separate controller which has very limited resources so it doesn’t run MicroPython. You can use it with ULP specific code and C and we’re also looking to introduce fixed functionalities from Python (e.g. wake when ADC goes above/below threshold)

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