wipy 2.0 juggling balls - protoyping

  • Hi all,

    just to let you know I'm working on building interactive, connected juggling balls with the wipy 2.0. I've just posted a blog post (in french) :


    Am happy to discuss it in English here or translate parts of the blog post if anyone is interested.

  • @crumble Pictures of the larp kit please :P Ill dig mine out in return ^_^

    @arthurlutz Thats super cool. good work.

  • Playing around with my wipys and a midi controller that sends out midi codes over mqtt which are then read by the each wipy individually (subscribe by id) and the led color is changed accordingly.

    Link to the gif : https://i.imgur.com/DEDDOfc.gif (which I can't seem to embed here)

  • @crumble thanks for your tips and enthusiasm. I'll keep you posted as I progress on the project, but time is scarse so don't hold your breath :-)

    You're not the first to bring to my attention the "good diffusor" issue.

  • I think to balance the whole stuff will be complicated. No one will see how diffcult the juggling part will be, if you are not able too balance it perfectly. The ball will look like a ball and not like a thing with a strange center of gravity.

    You will need a good diffusor. These LED stripes are a really pointy lightsource. I got this response for my prototype of my magical robe. I sewed the outdoor version into small fabric hoses onto an old robe. From a short distance the diffusion was OK. But in real life, seen from a distance, the pointy lightsources were too dominant. During the third LARP I got too many loose connections. Lucky me - the fumbles underlined the background story. I am planning now to use electroluminescence wires.

    With the hard plastic you don't have to deal with bending, but therefore you to be good. Either in juggling or in running ;)

    The second reason why you need a good diffusor. You may blind yourself, so it will be hard to end with the fire show. And people love fire ;)

    I like too see a video of your performance with the ready build product.

    And keep in mind, that you can change the colour according to your postition on the stage. If indoor postitioning with beacons are too complicated, a stage guy may control the main color via WiFi. Oh and if you do this ladder balancing trick, the lights can become brighter on each step.

    Do you know the sticks and wheels showing text and pictures...
    Uuhhh, too many ideas for my skills ;) Hurry up, I want to be impressed...

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