Disgusted about "Hello hackers"

  • On the main page is

    "Hello hackers"

    what is the purpose about this?

  • i believe that this is fluent developer not hacker
    any fluent developer are able to find shortcuts i do not suppose to call it hacks only tricks
    only one term is positive "nice hack"

  • @livius The term 'Hacker' has grown in popularity of the past few years and now finds itself used in many different spaces. Terms such and 'lifestyle hacker' and 'growth hacker' are common place. All in all the mean to mean a quick path to a desired end result or even a process of steps to achieve an end result with minimal effort.

    IMHO I don't mind being call a hacker. The start-up that I am involved in is indeed applying the LoPy LoRa platform to 'hack' together an analytics service. The process of doing so has to be quick to ensure first to market, the likes of which require a level of speed that hacking' facilitates.

    Hopefully as a LoPy hacker - it is our quick path to our desired result.

    PS: hacking very much supports disruption, in that it short circuits the conventional development processes reducing time to market - a aspect of business that I believe is going to become more common place that many bunsiness would like to acknowledge.

  • I forgot to say that
    i am impressed how fast team choose new background texture :)

  • Like Xykon says: we are definitely referring to the 'white hat' hackers. See an even better wiki page to explain the word here. Yes the meaning of words change, but as of now, both meanings of the word are valid.

    This being said, I agree with you that we probably better not use this word anyway, because in practice most of us call ourselves programmers/coders/developers but very rarely hackers. It's just a bit more correct. The image has been taken off website now.

  • I agree with initial term, hacker was positive
    but now if we look at "News" titles are like
    "hacker attack at web server"
    "hackers stolen data..."

    you know "hacker word use now"<>"hacker word use old days"

  • administrators

    I suggest Wikipedia to get a better idea of the term hacker.

    I'm pretty sure Pycom is referring to 'white hat' hackers

  • Hi @livius,

    I think this definition differs a lot per country. In the Netherlands, it's kind of ok to use the word and I suppose in the UK as well. It's regarded as someone who is good at coding and using software or hardware in a way it's not ment, but not necessarily in a bad or illegal way. I think the designers even intended it to mean 'good programmers'.

    Anyway we notified our design team and advised to change the image. If the word has a negative vibe to it in any country, we should definitely not use it

  • @sakis
    this is very old definition. Initially hacker was positive but now hacker is in black light.
    Cracker is kind of hacker who generally bypass license restriction.

    Will be better to see:

    hello coders
    hello developers
    hello programmers
    hello innovators

  • Hi @livius,

    I'll ask the design team about this, but the term hacker is used in the right sense -- anything except 8

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