Sipy Firmware update failing on Mac

  • I'm trying to upgrade the firmware on a brand new SiPy that I received, and I'm completely failing. I've read a number of threads on this forum, and have tried all sorts of combinations of things with no success.

    Here is my current status:

    • I have the SiPy connected to my mac via breadboard and a USB to TTL cable.
    • I am able to successfully connect to the SiPy via TTL and interact w/ the REPL
    • If I jump G23 / P2 to GND while connected over TTL, and press RESET, the console output is:
      waiting for download
    • I am using Pycom Firmware Updater (Mac) version 1.1.1.b1
    • No matter the order, Atom/TTL open or closed, etc, the farthest the output I get from the updater is roughly:

    Uploading stub
    Running stub
    Stub running
    Changing baud rate to 38400


    I am dying here - I have no idea where to go next. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

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    @jerryhjones The latest version for MacOS is 1.1.2.b1... can you please check that you have the latest version?

    Also can you please provide more details as to how you apply power to the board?

    What kind of TTL adapter are you using?

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