Fipy without expansion board

  • Hello everyone.

    I just received the pycom fipy board but I do not have an expansion board to transfer data to/from controller, so Ive tried to use the gpio ports and a serial-to-usb converter with little success...

    For the serial usb driver I am using Profilic PL2303 for Windows.
    My device has a led blinking blue every 4 seconds or so, so the device power is working correctly.
    Did anyone achieve this setup? I tried switching the programming ports also but did not change anything.

    pycom board
    pycom serial

  • @jonaswg I never did that with a newer xxPy device. But I used Wipy 1 in that mode with a Debian Linux computer. If you terminal emulator has flow control, switch that off. The other settings are 115200 baud, 8 bit, no parity. If you push reset at the FiPy, you shoudl at least see some boot messages.

  • @robert-hh Did you manage to do something like this using a Raspberry PI or similar to communicate with the serial port?
    I tried this also with same results.
    I find serial com /dev/ttyAMA0 but if I try to write to it my terminal freezes up.

  • @jonaswg The blue LED tells, that the FiPy is working. Take care to set the voltage for Tx/Rx to 3.3V. You may also supply the FiPy from the 3.3V pin of your USB/Serial Adapter into the Vin Pin of FiPy. And, as always, try to swap Tx and Rx.

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