pymakr device setting for connection over ttyUSB0

  • Hi there,

    New to wipy and pymakr.
    I have updated the wipy firmware to latest from github 1.8.2 , I can connect using 'sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200'
    (added my user to dailout group in linux mint but still need sudo for this?)
    Now I want to connect but NOT via the wifi AP but via USB dev board.
    I have updated with the UART redirect.

    Question: What goes in de device box when I want to connect over ttyUSB0 ?
    (I cannot read the default text also not when I click the dropdown triangle)

  • HI @hugo, you can paste '/dev/ttyUSB0' in the Device field to connect over serial. It should actually show you all available comports when clicking the dropdown arrow, so the fact it doesn't show it might mean there is something wrong with the port permissions or something else. But try it with the comport in the Device field first and see if that works.

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