[BETA] New updater tool version v1.1.5.b3

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    Update: I have uploaded a new release 1.1.5.b3
    This version has a new restart button. This has not yet been tested under all circumstances and feedback on this feature is especially appreciated!
    It should also now detect a Pytrack/Pysense on all Windows version.

    Hello everyone,

    I have created a new firmware updater tool package for Windows and MacOS that reduces the GUI firmware update tool to a single binary.

    The below packages will actually install two binaries, as there is now a new cli tool in order to provide compatibility for users who previously used bin/updater.py, (more on this later).

    Although you should hopefully see little difference to the previous version, significant changes have been made "under the hood" to make the firmware updater significantly smaller and portable.

    Because of those significant changes, I have decided to release this as a beta version to gather some feedback before releasing it, so that you can easily revert to the current version from https://pycom.io/downloads/

    Windows users can just download the installer from: [LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE]
    It will clean up the previous installation (if any) and install an Icon in the start menu to start the updater.

    You can also download the new firmware updater tool as a windows stand-alone executable, which you can download from [LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

    MacOS users: to use the new installer package, please remove the previous installation. Open "Applications" in Finder and scroll down to "Pycom Firmware Update.app". Right click on "Pycom Firmware Update.app" and choose "Move to Trash".

    Then you can install the new version from [LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

    As with the windows version, you can also download a MacOS stand-alone version of the firmware update tool: [LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

    There are also a few minor updates in this release:

    • Improved communication error handling
    • Release Pytrack / Pysense fw mode on Windows
    • Updated Information screen
    • Improved window size in Windows 10

    If you tried this version please provide feedback including the operating system version you are using.

    For users that previously used the command line updater in bin/updater.py, this is now distributed as pycom_fwtool_cli. To use the pycom_fwtool_cli command line version with Pytrack / Pysense, please add --pypic command line option. The cli versions are either installed as part of the installer package or can be downloaded separately for [LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE].

    Thanks a lot for trying this beta version. Improving the firmware update experience is just one of the many improvements we are planning for 2018.

    There are still a few things on the todo-list for this tool so you can look forward to more (beta) releases in the near future.

  • Nice, I'll test this.
    Any idea if it's possible and how to have an option to flash build firmware done following this doc?
    Could really help because I'm building on a remote VM and don't have flash option

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    @leo_sol Beta support for Linux will come very soon.

  • @xykon
    i would like to test it on all my devices, but i use linux. are you running the beta test only on win and mac?

  • I had problems with the old tool. This one works fine
    Win7 64bit
    2 LoPy

  • @xykon
    thank you :)

    one more a little thing - will be good to see tool version somewhere (it can be in exe properties itself - it not must be visible in GUI)

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    1. Add option (checkbox) to the installer to start tool after install.
    2. Add possibility to flash next device without closing the tool

    Both of these have now been implemented in the new version. I noticed a few rare cases where the download would "stall" after registering several different devices. Hopefully all other use-cases work as expected.

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    @livius said in [BETA] New updater tool version v1.1.5.b2:

    Add possibility to flash next device without closing the tool

    This will be in the next release. Probably tomorrow.

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    I found an issue with this version that affects registration of new devices. If you haven't successfully updated your Pycom device with the current release version of the firmware update tool, please don't try this version!

    I have already identified the issue and will upload new versions as soon as I completed some more tests.

  • Works without problems.
    Windows-7 , 64 bit.
    Wipy 2.
    Wipy 3.
    Also works with Lolin32 V1.0.0


  • @xykon
    works well on Win10 Pro 64bit.
    some little things - but second is much important

    1. Add option (checkbox) to the installer to start tool after install.
    2. Add possibility to flash next device without closing the tool

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