Sigfox library for LoPy4?

  • Out of interest i tried to register a LoPy4 on the sigfox backend. But the most recent firmware for LoPy does not seem to include the Sigfox library. In REPL:

    from network import Sigfox
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
    ImportError: cannot import name Sigfox

    What now? Wait for a new firmware version for the LoPy4?

  • @xykon Great it works fine now, thanks a lot for your help.

  • administrators

    @toppert Please try again now. There was a server issue that has now been resolved.

  • @xykon Hi, like I mentionnend in my message to you, I will go on details, maybe there is some step missing.

    I first went for the DFU upgrade on the Expansion board by installing the libusbK driver. Even if the upgrade was a success I could not see a COM port allocated, so I replaced it with a USB Serial Driver and from there on the port worked (that might be the critical point).

    After that I just connected the LoPy4 on the Expansion board (de-plugging/re-plugging after each step) and launched the upgrade by choosing the LoRa country and SigFox region. The update did not work (Screenshot below).


    So I went for downloading the last .tar.gz on github and upgraded via choosing the flash file (this worked btw). But therefore I guess I can't get an ID since it did not register the region?

    PS: I have a few LoPy4 to upgrade.

    Thanks a lot for your fast replies so far, much appreciated.

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    @toppert Can you please run the following code?

    import binascii, machine

    Please send me the output from the command either via direct forum message or email:

    P.S. can you confirm you did a firmware update?

    This is mandatory in order to receive the Sigfox credentials from the online server.

  • @jmarcelino

    Mhhhh, this seems weird, somehow I can't manage to get the ID and the PAC of my device for Sigfox.
    Update has been done on the Lopy, so importing the Library works fine now.


    (If you wonder about the outcome of the console, I typed myself some parts again to check everything).
    Something wrong with the update I made or did I forget something?

  • @toppert
    Yes everything is supported now, just update the firmware to the latest using the Pycom Firmware Updater and you'll be ready

  • I have the same issue, is this now fixed and there is something to upgrade to?

    I just received my Lopy4 and wanted to test Sigfox on it.

  • @jmarcelino i am having trouble getting LoRa code to work on the LoPy4, which worked fine on an old LoPy.
    Is this part of the same release / issue?

    If so, is there an estimated release date? Right now the LoPy4's i have are useless.

  • @robin
    Yes, our factory was very quick to produce and ship the LoPy4 but I'm afraid the firmware isn't fully baked yet. Full support is coming. Thank you for your patience.

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