Wifi radiation after wlan.disconnect()

  • Hi,
    I am using Wipy2.0 in a pumpstation near my house.When an error appears the Wipy connects to my router and sends a message to pushover.An error appears not very often( once in a week).1 minitue after sending I disconnect Wipy from my router(AP).Can somebody tell me if after calling wlan.disconnect() there is any wifi radiation?I want to avoid this for health reasons!

  • ok,i will try!

  • You can turn the WiFi radio back on using wlan.init(). This functionality is stable and is used regularly to save power. The WiFi radio is the most power hungry device on our modules so it is common to want to turn it off when not used.

  • Thanks for your response.
    How stable is it to use wlan.deinit() and how can I activate wlan again?
    With wlan.disconnect() works very stable for me

  • if you call wlan.deinit(), the wifi (and bluetooth) radio will be disabled and should not emit anything.

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