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  • Hi,

    I recently bought a little laser engraving machine that uses an Arduino Mini and a USB to serial converter to connect to a computer. The fumes are pretty nasty and I'd like to put it in the garage. The laser engraving machine only works with the computer connected and when opening the COM Port the software tries to find the version string from the firmware on the Arduino Mini (GRBL in my case).

    Of course I could put a computer in the garage but I don't really want to purchase one only for this purpose. Is there any way I can use two Lopys to tell my software it is connected directly to my Arduino Mini and not to my Lopy's COM Port?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions


  • If you can comunicate between LoPy than this is "simple"
    Virtualize your traffic e.g.

    1. Lopy connected to computer by COM
    2. Second LoPy connected to First LoPy by e.g. WiFi, Lora, Bluetooth and to your Arduino by COM PORT.
      Any traffic throught COM port you transmit over WiFi(Lora,Bluetooth) and write by COM to arduino

    Simple :)

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